What’s your Literary Caffeine?

Writing magazine

It’s one thing to get inspired to write, it’s a whole other ball game to keep it going.

When you’re ploughing through the re-writes, torturing yourself over plot twists and fighting away the demons of doubt, it can be tempting to pack it all in and go watch E News instead (I can’t be highbrow all the time you know).

It’s at these times you need a shot of literary caffeine to get your head down and keep plugging away. May I suggest something that comes once a month straight to your door or e-reader of choice? Behold the Writing Magazine. Within the first few minutes of reading I can almost guarantee you’ll be itching to get to put fingers to keyboard. It’s got advice, articles and competitions for both fiction and non-fiction writers. And no I’m not being paid to promote them – my sphere of influence is very small (even I can’t persuade me to do something). But if you need a writing pick me up, this is my suggestion.
What’s your ‘literary caffeine’?

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