What’s in your bookcase?

I adore bookcases. Well, show me a writer who doesn’t? They are my favourite pieces of furniture and needless to say libraries both big and small invariably send me to my happy place.
One day I’m going to have a room covered with floor to ceiling bookcases and one of those wee ladders that rolls around the shelves so you can reach the top.
For the moment though, I have this:

My bookcase

A rather small, slightly broken Ikea Billy bookcase.As you can see, some of my books have been forced to flee the overcrowded space and set up camp in and on, the adjoining side table. It’s far from ideal but I make the best of it (and yes I do try to colour co-ordinate the spines. It’s far neater that way).

Houses without any visible books baffle me. If nothing else I’m nosey and bookcases are a great insight into a person’s character. Without them, I cannot spy on the inner being of my hosts! Mine I think, shows an obsession with fantasy plus a side of quirky fiction and travel.

So what does your bookcase look like?  What’s in it? And what do you think the world would make of it?

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10 thoughts on “What’s in your bookcase?

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  1. I don’t and wouldn’t care. I think books and the shelves that hold them, how they get arranged, and kept, and utilized is like courting a lover.


  2. My bookcases are crammed with books of all kinds from novels to art reference books. God only knows what people make of my witchy magic books when they visit. I just say it’s research darling…


  3. I have a few shelves of books I’ve read and then loads of box-files with drafts of my writing. Since I bought my Kindle, I tend to buy e-books rather than physical paper ones. I will buy the odd one, but I don’t have any more room!

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