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Would you give your Writing as a Gift?

Have you ever made a gift of your writing? I mean if you knitted scarves of made ceramic bowls, you’d probably give people the fruits of your labours from time to time. So why not words? A verse or two would make a unique, personal (and inexpensive) gift. On the other hand, would you be haunted by the fear that they didn’t actually like it? Or think you’re a cheapskate.

I’ve given the gift of phraseology three times, always as part of a bigger present, including a poem to my Mum and a Christening gift to my friends little boy. It seemed to have gone down well (I believe those were tears of joy not sadness), but still it’s nerve-wracking.

Perhaps someone has asked you to write something for a special occasion, like a few words for a wedding or anniversary? An even more nerve-wracking experience I expect and fraught with pitfalls.

So gifting your words is best done in small doses I think. It’s easier to share it on the Internet with strangers instead.

So have you ever given your words as a present? Or written something for a special occasion on request?

3 thoughts on “Would you give your Writing as a Gift?”

  1. Previously – Yes, as a present – yes, for a special occasion – but those who enjoyed my efforts are gone and those I give presents to now, don’t understand the writing or blogging thing – so No, for now…


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