Why you Should have an “About” Page on your Blog

Blogging is not just about well, blogging, it’s also about following other blogs and being part of a community. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a particularly sophisticated way of finding blogs to follow. I either search for keywords and then follow posts back to their blog homes or I look at blogs who have followed me.
Then, to find out if a blog is my kind of thing, I peruse previous posts (try saying that three times quickly) and the ‘About me’ page. And I’ve noticed that a number of blogs still have the generic WordPress wording about pages on their About Me page.

The web copywriter in me recoils at the notion of an unfinished page, but it’s the blogger in me that is disappointed. An ‘About Me’ page lets me get a quick glimpse of the person behind the words, a snapshot I can connect to and then build on with all your awesome blog posts. You don’t need to wack down your entire life story, but I believe that a few details and a cheeky photo (nothing rude mind!) will add a great extra dimension to your blog. So if you’ve not thought about it before, why not add a page all about you!

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