How to Find Time to Write at Work

Day-to-day many of us ‘non-professional’ writers have to make time around other commitments to work on our ‘little darlings’. A full time job is just one of these commitments, but it can actually provide you some writing time without family interruptions etc to get your write on. To be specific – your break, be it a lunch break, afternoon break or any break that you get during the time you’re working.

But what’s the best way to go about it? Here’s some top tips for writing at work.

  1. Try to get in the Cloud…
    If you can bring the device you use to your workplace easily then it’s of course easiest to use that. But it may be worth getting a lightweight device like a Chromebook that saves work to a Cloud automatically. Then you can work on another computer and get to it, no messing.
  2. …but don’t discount a notebook and pen
    I’ve used these before and although it means you have to type up your work afterwards, it’s easier to cart about and there’s less need to worry about security.
  3. Bring headphones
    A nook to hide in is ideal, but for many workplaces that’s not possible. So I’d suggest bringing headphones and something to play sounds whether it be music, birdsong or even white noise.
  4. Don’t forget to actually take a break
    A break is meant to be a break. So whilst it’s a great time to put in a few words don’t forget to chill, eat, drink and generally recharge.

So fellow writers-with-day-jobs, when do you write?

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8 thoughts on “How to Find Time to Write at Work

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  1. I tend to write at night before bed and try to work my schedule so one or two nights are nothing but writing. I also have a weekly writing date with another writer friend. I’d love to have more time, but you do what you can.


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