A Room of One’s Own

Finding space to write in our small flat can be tricky.

I worked at a bureau in the living room, opposite the door. It was draughty and the TV was a constant distraction. In short, it was not conducive to being creative.

Just off our living room is a small alcove, ostensibly for use as a dining area, but not hosting tons of dinner parties meant we rarely used it. We decided to move the dining table nearer the window and turn the back of the alcove into a study.

We moved my bureau, my beloved bookcase and our rather large, slightly bonkers wine rack (it’s a lovely piece of furniture and does come in handy) into the alcove and ta-da – study!

This new space is far better to work in as it’s away from the TV and quite cosy.  The only thing I need is a desk chair that doesn’t look like it should be behind a mahogany desk or in a hip London office.

So fellow bloggers, what does your writing space look like? Feel free to share a picture or description down below!

4 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

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  1. I love that wine rack! Me, I don’t really have a dedicated writing space yet, but I want one. I write in bed, on the couch, or at the computer in our office right now.


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