I’ve been a bit quiet for a bit. It’s because I’ve actually been writing my WIP, so every time I fire up the old laptop all I want to do is write that. Sorry. But you know when you get ‘in the zone’ you just have to stay there.

I put this newly found productivity primarily down to my change of scenery that I previously blogged about.  Having a secluded little spot away from the TV and other distractions, has really helped me get motivated.

So should you be struggling with your WIP, if you’ve beaten into shape but it still looks wonky, why not try moving? You don’t have to go far. You could move to another room, or shift your desk to another wall perhaps. Try outside if you happen to live in clement conditions. Try the park or a coffee shop or the zoo! Just make sure it’s somewhere new and get those words flowing!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block? Move it!

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