What to do When you Hit a Black Hole with your Writing

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, due to life and work and things of that ilk demanding my attention. I’d also reached “that bit” in my WiP. “That bit” I’ve been avoiding. “That bit” I skipped in my first draft because I didn’t quite know what was going to happen but that the ending came after it. I was sure I would be able to work it out in second draft. Except when I got there, I couldn’t.

I stared into the big black void, story threads slung over my shoulder, new ones on the other side and couldn’t figure out a way to tie them up.

I try to plan my books, but even when I have a solid plan my characters don’t necessarily play ball. So it wasn’t clear where to go.

I left it for a while, as many suggest when you get stuck and wrote a short story that had been bubbling around in my head since my holiday. It’s come out so well I’m considering entering it in a competition, something I haven’t done in ages.

I then returned, still without a direct plan, and let my characters guide me for a while. They’ve led me on a new and unusual path but not one I’m averse to. I hope it continues.

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  1. I have a WIP like that, too. I still haven’t built the bridge over that chasm of a penultimate section. But I’ve written a bunch of short stories in the mean time. 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for your kind words! Hm not sure about the liking thing. There should be a button down the bottom of the posts near the ‘share’ buttons but perhaps there’s been an IT hiccup. I’ll have to go change the hamsters!


      1. I meant to ask you, Would you like to be a contributing author to my blog? Does not have to be regular but every now and then. Any topic you like..Current events, sports politics…funny..serious whatever…controversial is good also


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