How to Earn 700 a Week Self-Publishing! 700 Simoleons that is.

If you don’t know what I’m going on about, let me explain. Simoleons are the currency used in The Sims games, the most recent version being Sims 4. My OH and I have been playing these games since it’s second incarnation so naturally we got the most recent one. Of course we make versions of ourselves, build a house and follow our preferred career paths. Which for me, shock, horror, is a writer.

I pop off to work as part of that but I also write books in my own time. In the game you can self publish simply by clicking on your post box and selecting the option. Once you’ve got a few self published volumes out, you also get the option to be published in the normal way (good and bad points for both). So far I’ve got ten books out with such scintillating titles as “Sleeping Standing Up”, “Injure Will” and “Burping Beanos”

And these puppies are earning me over 700 Simoleons a week!  Soon I can quit work! In the game anyway.

In real life , clicking post boxes will just get you weird looks. And possibly arrested.

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