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A Book Lovers Christmas List

Now that Guy Fawkes is out of the way, I give myself leave to think about Christmas. Despite what a great many advertisers might think (I’m looking at you Disneyland Paris) I have no wish to extend it further back than that.

Anyhoo, Christmas does come presents, which, whilst not being the be all and end all of Christmas are nice.  Anyone who’s a big reader is easy to buy. Get them a book token and you’re done.  But there are a few books and book related items I’ve got my eye on and who knows – some of these might be perfect for the writer/reader in your life (or you!)

Book candles by Frostbeard

The smell of books is something any avid reader loves.  It’s all part of the ‘book experience’. Unsurprisingly, you can have all the book scents you want courtesy of Etsy shop, Frostbeard.  They have candles with scents such as ‘Old Books’ or Book Cellar’ and also ones designed to evoke places from famous books such as ‘The Shire’, ‘Dumbledore’s Office’ and ‘Winterfell’.  Go forth and sniff!

A Slip of the Keyboard by Terry Pratchett

Fancy me including a book by Terry Pratchett huh? But it’s a tradition that has evolved for my parents buy me whatever new TP book is out for Christmas. This new one book is unusual as it’s not a novel, it’s non-fiction; a collection of essays and thoughts about variety of things both humorous and serious. If your taste runs more to fiction, there’s also ‘Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook’ mentioned in the last Discworld novel ‘Raising Steam’. And for the kiddiewinks there’s ‘The Dragons of Crumbling Castle and Other Stories‘.

Roald Dahl Goodies from Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle do retro clothing and accessories based on comics, films and TV shows, but recently they’ve branched into book based goodies, including a whole bunch based on Roald Dahl books. I adore Matilda so this tote bag is right up my street.  Also the cushion.  And the mug. Not sure if my OH would be too excited about the bed cover set though.

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell

This is a sort of retelling of the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but it will probably be much more than just that as a Queen and her faithful dwarves followers set off to rescue a Princess cursed to sleep for eternity.  It has been beautifully illustrated by Chris Riddell and looks as much a piece of art as a book.

Make Believe – Zozoville

Technically this is art, but it’s art in a book so it can be in the list. If you don’t know about Zozoville, you can see more in a previous post I did (link below). Short version, they’re a pair of cool artists from Berlin and they have a beautifully illustrated book which I would love!


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