Notebook Collection: The Eden Project

I’ve decided to post more about my notebook collection and to that end, I’ll be putting up a post about a particular notebook about once a month. Hopefully this will be of interest to fellow notebook nuts like me. I’ve even made a new menu link up the top where I’ll stash all notebook related posts.

So let’s start with The Eden Project. This was the cheapest notebook I could find in the gift store (which is often what I look for in a notebook) but it also has a picture of a bee on the cover and I love bees.


The Eden Project is a tourist attraction located in a reclaimed Kaolinite pit in Cornwall, UK. It’s focus is the environment and eco living and has two huge domes, one Tropical, the other Mediterranean.  It’s not cheap, but it is fascinating and you can even climb up to the top of one of the domes and look a bit scared like this:




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6 thoughts on “Notebook Collection: The Eden Project

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  1. Sweet, I love the Eden centre. (It’s not cheap but if you can claim a local address of any sort, you can get a much cheaper “locals’ pass” from Nov to March, lasts till end of Oct.) Nice bee. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the tip! We managed to find a money off coupon in a tourist type magazine which helped. And the pass lasts a year – just need an excuse to travel back down again.


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