Notebook Collection: Shakespeare’s Globe, London

“We are such stuff as dreams are made of.”

Shakespeare’s Globe, situated in Southwark in London, was the dream of actor and director Sam Wanamaker. Sadly he never got to see it finished as it was completed in 1997, four years after he passed away.  It stands as a testament to his perseverance, taking 20 years to come to fruition.

The Globe Theatre notebook

Although Shakespeare’s Globe is not sited exactly where the original was, it was built as closely as possible to how it would have been in the 16th Century.  The theatre now shows a range of Shakespeare’s plays, as well as those by his contemporaries. It has also inspired a number of Globe Theatre reconstructions around the world.

I’ve visited the theatre twice, many years ago.  Both times I went to the exhibition and on a brief tour inside of the theatre.  It’s a magical experience to walk into the place as people must have done all those years ago and be surrounded by the sights, the sounds (and the smells!) of that time. Seeing one of Shakespeare’s plays there must be unforgettable.  The exhibition is definitely worth visiting – I did go twice after all!


The second visit is especially significant to because I went with my Grandfather. It was just the two of us and it’s a time I remember now he is no longer with us.


The notebook is not the most beautiful one in my collection but it’s special and features a nice red cardboard cover front and back.

Have you visited Shakespeare’s Globe? Or another one sited somewhere else around the world?

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