Write every day!

It sounds so simple. Writers write.  That’s what we do, where and wherever we can. Of course it’s not quite that simple.

Leaving aside that writing takes a good amount of staring into space, thinking (trust me this is very important) quite a lot of us also have day jobs to do. If we’re lucky these may involve our writing skills, and if we’re not, we still have do them to keep the roof over our head.

During work our minds need to be on our jobs, rather than our writing. We have to think of reports, products, customers; and all the while our imaginary worlds have to wait patiently in our minds. Sometimes they start kicking at the door and throwing chairs around, but still we must ignore them. And once home some of us have children to raise, relatives to look after, houses to tend to. When all is said and done the sofa and Netflix seem like an irresistible combination.

The horrible truth is that writing can be difficult to fit into our lives, even as it burns in us to come out. And if we do manage to get to it, a blockade of unwashed dishes or unused gym memberships can stop our creativity. And that can make us writers very grumpy. Very grumpy indeed.


I have made a commitment, a late New Years resolution, to write creatively every day. I wasn’t doing it before and I felt miserable. I knew it was because I wasn’t writing, but I still didn’t make the time for it, because well, it was hard to.  Even when I promised myself I’d do it at lunch, I ended up reading or on my phone. Or I’d get home and I’d just think, I’m too tired.

Now I’ve made a serious commitment and I’m sticking to it. If I can do the WiP then happy days, but if it’s a short story or poem that’s been bobbing about in my head so be it. Blog posts like this, whilst enjoyable, don’t count because they aren’t using the fictional ideas my brain craves to expel.

And I already feel better for it. Sometimes it’s hard and I don’t write much. Sometimes I hate what I write.  But I do it.

How about you?

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  1. I totally agree. While it may only be a comment on a blog, a short article or a description or dialogue I don’t want to forget, it makes me feel better to stretch my imagination.

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