New for Old

I finally bit the bullet and got a new copy of Microserfs (remember how I told you it was so well read both the back and front cover had fallen off?)

I’d wanted a copy to match my last one complete with garish, blocky yellow cover. Luckily there is eBay and I found a barely used version on there for a few pounds.

Photo of Microserfs by Douglas Coupland

My boyfriend thinks the need to have exactly the same book is bordering on obsessive but then he doesn’t quite see books like I do!

All I have to do now is read it again to break it in.

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3 thoughts on “New for Old

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  1. I once ironed, repaired and placed in bigger binder/plastic protective pages the favorite cookbook my mom had used since the 1950’s – – – there is something to be said for holding onto favorites! 🙂


      1. Yes, but worth it – I did that project in 2005 or so – she likes that she can open the rings, pull out the plastic protected page she wants, and if it get’s flour or what have you on it, clean-up of the page is a breeze – 🙂 Was definitely worth it!

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