Notebook Collection: Weald and Downland Museum

I’ve be coming to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum since I was a child. It’s an endlessly fascinating place, especially if you love history which I do.

The site covers 50 acres and is filled with houses and workplaces dating from history. Some also have their interiors filled with historical objects. There are many knowledgeable volunteers on hand, often in historical dress and able to answer any questions about the buildings. If you’re writing anything set in historical Britain, this is a great place to go for research to really be able to see and understand how people in different social backgrounds lived.

Now to the notebooks.  They’re both what I like to call school-trip-specials. Often kept with rulers, rubbers and pencils etc and all with the signature multicoloured stripes, overlaid with the tourist attraction logo.

Weald and Download Museum notebook

The owl one that goes with it could admitedly be from anywhere but hey it has an owl on it and he has a bored expression I find endearing.

Owl notebook

Plus he was only 50p.  Little notebooks like this are very handy for stashing in any size of handbag ready to be used should inspiration strike.

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