Notebook Collection: Google

What would be a good historical reference for a company as defining as Google? The East India Company? Ford? It’s hard to think of an equivalent. And love or loathe them, anyone would be interested in what actually goes on behind the doors. I was given the chance to visit one of their offices through my work.

This notebook was given to us as part of the visit, which was probably more exciting for me than anything else! It came to light recently when I had to raid my collection for a new work notepad and it’s well suited given what I do (online copy-writing).

When I opened it, I realised I’d made notes about my trip to the office. Most were about the tour they took us on, where we experienced all those work perks we’d heard about. Free food and drink were a big thing, with snacks and hot and cold drink always being on tap. Plus free breakfast and lunch (and dinner for engineers). Oh and a massage room with free massage on your birthday.

Of course the whole set up is designed to keep people in the office, they can be working at the drop of a hat. But it’s corporate intervention I could get on board with because…well did I mention the free food? Which actually has some relevance to working on your writing. Prep yourself for writing by having food and drink available. Take breaks and have something to do in your breaks so you keep yourself ‘in the zone’.

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