Notebook Collection: The British Library

If you’re going to visit a library, why not start with top of the pile and go for the British Library in London. We visit pretty much every time we go to the capital and this particular notebook is from one of those visits.

You can probably guess why a self confessed ‘Wonderland’ obsessive like me found it irresistable! But the book contains quotes and sketches from a selection of novels making it a perfect souvenir of a library visit.

The British Library

The British Library building itself is not to everyone’s tastes and unfortunately it’s not exactly big enough for the ever growing collection it holds. wp-image-690615576jpg.jpgEvery single publication, magazine and newspaper published in the UK will send a copy here – and they all have to be stored somewhere!

I’d recommend a visit to any writer (or reader) or just if you fancy something a bit different. There are free exhibitions like the ‘Treasures of the British Library’, and there are temporary exhibitions you may have to pay for – but these are well worth it. dav

We went to one about the development of comics and graphic novels in 2014. And the ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ is going on my list for October 2017.

You can take a webinars and workshops, plus tour behind-the-scenes tours of the library and conservation areas.

In the Discworld books they have something L-space. The idea is that vast amounts of words and ideas held in on eplace can warp the fabric of time and space itself. Whenever I go somewhere like the British Library I can well imagine the weight of words collapsing reality in on itself. Ive nevr been in the stacks ( reserved for members) but id make sure to take a torch and guide if you do…

Have you ever been to the British Library? What did you think?

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