Blog Post Checklist – get the Basics Right

If you’re a blogging beginner it’s good to get the basics right from the start. I didn’t, and I’m still tidying up ‘behind-the-scenes’ . How and what you write is up to you (that’s kind of the point). But if you’re looking for guidance on blog post fundamentals, here’s a handy check list. These simple tips will help make your blog posts easier to read for people and search engines.

  • Use pictures – photo based posts are popular as they’re easy to scan read. But any post can benefit from relevant images to break up text and add interest. I use the ‘Featured Image’ function on most of my posts to display a picture behind the heading.
  • Add titles and alt text to your pictures – search engine’s look at your whole post, including the pictures. Or rather they read the code that displays them. They’ll use everything, even the image title to help judge the quality of your post. So make sure you use a descriptive title. Alt text is used by screen readers and makes your blog posts more accessible for people who use them.
  • Include links to other posts – if someone’s read one of your posts, why not give them a reason to stay and read more? So add some related links in the copy or at the end of your posts. Search engines will look favourably on it too. But don’t add too many, make sure you keep it relevant to the post you’re writing.
  • Make a good URL – I did a recent check up on mine, I noticed were just numbers(!) Not good. Keep your URL simple but relevant and your readers and Google will like you better for it.
  • Share it – blogging platforms make this easy. Make sure you choose the feeds that you think will be best for your post. For example, I put how-to posts like this on LinkedIn, but keep more personal ones to other feeds.

What are the basics you always check off before you post?

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