Get your Blog to do the Heavy Lifting – 7 Top Tips

Writing new blog posts on a regular basis isn’t easy. But if you don’t post regularly, you could lose followers on your blog and social media channels. So what’s the answer? Keep your blog going by setting it up to do the hard work for you.

1. Re-cycle your posts

This is an easy way to generate interest in your posts. New followers to your blog or social media feeds won’t have seen your older stuff, so it makes sense to re-use your previous posts. It’s best to use ‘evergreen’ content (see no. 2) for this, but you could also re-post articles about a regular event like Christmas or a music festival for example. Be selective about what you re-post. Your blogging platform will likely give you stats on that get the most hits, so make the most of your popular content.

But how to re-share it? Some blogging platforms make this fairly easy but others, including WordPress, don’t. You can get plugins to re-share posts, but only if you’re on a self-hosted site. I use a social media tool called Buffer to post shortlinks for older posts on Twitter, Facebook etc. Because I have more followers on these feeds. this works well for me, but you may prefer to re-share on your blog itself.

2. Evergreen up your content

Basically remove anything that can overly date your content. There’s nothing wrong with posting about events that are time defined. But these aren’t going to be something you can easily re-use. I used to write a lot of posts opening with lines like ‘This week I went to-‘, which can it very obvious it’s not fresh. So go back into your old posts, see if you can ‘evergreen’ them up and you’ve got ready made content to re-use.

3. Make it easy to navigate

It’s not particularly exciting, but it’s worth putting a bit of time to make your blog easy to navigate. You might not have menus as an aesthetic choice, which is fine. But I believe you can be practical and be creative. A navigation menu with pages that link to old posts make it simple for visitors (and search engines) to find them. Remember to make your URLs user and SEO friendly (not just a bunch of numbers or random words).

4. Talk to people

One of the best things about having a blog, especially on a more niche subject, is being able to interact with people. You can make some great connections and be part of an online community, whilst hopefully gaining some followers. It doesn’t take a minute to reply to comments on your posts or post comments on other blogs you follow.

5. Generate posts with a ‘brain dump’

Coming up with ideas for new blog posts can be tricky. If you’re struggling, just start dumping down ideas. Open a post, type a few lines or paragraphs, save it and move on. Aim to get down five or six at a time. They don’t have to be good or anywhere near well written. It’s just getting down somethings that *could*  be posts. Then go back and start fleshing them out. And if they’re just not going to work, bin them.

6. Use short posts

You don’t have to do a long, written post every time you blog. A short paragraph, a collection of images or even a video can work just as well. In fact with such demand on people’s time, especially on the Internet, they could even be more effective.

7. Blog on the go

Blogging platforms have apps or mobile versions of their sites. And whilst we all need to take a break from the Internet occasionally, having the ability to blog on the go means you can note down ideas as they come to you. Plus you can use time waiting for the train for example to work on a post or two.

Those are my ideas – what are your top tips to get your blog to do the hard work for you?

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  1. These are great tips! I especially love #6 — I get so caught up in trying to draft these lengthy posts, that I end up posting nothing at all! I will certainly be taking some of this advice. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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