Self doubt is a bastard

You know him.

He’s that guy who wants you to feel his successes are your failures as he feels your successes are his.

He may not achieve much

but it’s all him if he does.

He’ll find the negative in every positive. He sees each fall as reason to stop climbing.

The future, he swears,

is visible to all and there’s yours, a world of regret, of life not achieved.

All the missed times. All down to you.

In his eyes all others are better, all others are happy. He measures success by the barometer of Western society – money, career, family, fame.

All or you’re nothing.

He is present for all but for some he speaks louder. For some he’s embedded deeper. And no matter what you do he’ll always be there.

You can’t evict him, though you’ve served enough notice. A tenant for life. Steals your milk and leaves his dirty dishes in the sink.

Self doubt

Don’t you just

Hate him

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