5 Things Book Lovers can do at Christmas

The yuletide festivities are often focused on presents, parties and people. For bookworm it can be a bit overwhelming. But there are ways to share your literary ways with others over Christmas and New Year.

1. Do like the Icelanders do and give books on Christmas Eve

It’s a tradition in Iceland to give books on Christmas Eve and then spend the night reading them snuggled up in front of a fire. Which sounds like my idea of heaven. Iceland publishes the highest number of books per capita so they have plenty to choose from. You don’t even have to buy new books to get on this. Choose a favourite book to wrap up and lend instead.

2. Have a book-themed Christmas party

Social interactions may be sort of mandatory but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance to get some book goodness in. You could explicitly theme them around Christmas books or characters, or go a little off-piste by making the theme Summer books!

3. Cook a meal inspired by your favourite book

Food and books! They just go together right? There’s plenty of recipes to be found online inspired by your favourite books. How about a tasty glass of Butterbeer from ‘Harry Potter’? Juicy fried chicken and bread rolls from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? Or luscious spiced hot chocolate from ‘Chocolat’? And now I’m hungry.

4. Visit Terry Pratchett: HisWorld – or somewhere else book related

I may have mentioned this particular exhibition before. If the Discworld isn’t your cup of tea, why not look around for somewhere else near you with a literary connection and go take a look? Check out Charles Dickens birthplace perhaps, or the spot George Elliott is buried.

5. Read a classic Christmas story to your family and friends

This is simple. Pick a classic Christmas story and take turns reading it out loud. The book you choose is up to you and depends on whether you’ve a few nights together or just one. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is an obvious go too (and it’s pretty short too), but you could also try ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ or ‘The Snow Queen’.

What kind of book-related things do you do over Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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