An Oasis of Creativity – The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

St. Ives is a beautiful town on the North coast of Cornwall.. For years it’s been the home of many artists. In fact, in 1993 The Tate created “The Tate, St. Ives” overlooking one of its amazing beaches. And as with many of the places in this part of the UK, it can be very busy, even in October. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, along with some fantastic sculptures, then try the “Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden”, located at the heart of the town.


I love to see where any artists work. Personally, I’d love a room where I could write and be creative in other ways. There’s a different creative feel about an artist’s studio compared to a writer’s room.

The building used to be Hepworth’s home, studio, and garden, from 1939 until her death in 1975. The rooms of the house are now a small museum, with artifacts from Hepworth’s life and some of her smaller pieces inside.

Her studio, located on one side of the garden, is left as it was in 1975. With large windows and high ceilings, it makes the most of St. Ives well-known light and has a wonderful, open feeling.

I’d known of Hepworth’s work before I came here, but was unaware of the scope of her importance. At a time when it was difficult for female artists to reach the same heights as male ones, she became very well-known and was part of a group of artists who lived in St. Ives during the war.

Many of her sculptures are large, intended to be outside, and so find a perfect home in her oasis-like garden found next to her studio. On a sunny day, the lights falls through the trees, wrapping through and around Hepworth’s work, bringing the pieces to life.





It was a very tranquil place, just steps from the bustling town. Hepworth’s work is often curved and rounded, with spaces through it, so that the nature around it becomes part of the works themselves.

You can absolutely understand why Hepworth chose to live and work here. The ability to completely immerse yourself in your work is a dream for pretty much anyone.

Have you been to the sculpture garden or St. Ives? What did you think?

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