Your Writing Is Important 

I’m going to get a bit serious for this one – hopefully that won’t stop you reading. I’ve had cause to share this post more than once over the past few years as the world seemingly tries to outdo itself with more and more surreal events. And here we are again wondering what’s going on – and what our writing can possibly do to help.

Writers often use their work to escape from the every-day and soothe external troubles. In times like these though, reality makes us question if our whimsical tales are unnecessary flights of fancy.

But they are extremely necessary.

Ursula Le Guin, in her usual brilliant fashion, explained there’s a difference between “lies dressed as truth” and actual fiction. Words are powerful. The unpracticed and willfully destructive use them to spread fear and hate. Our tales of make-believe aren’t part of this distraction. On the contrary, they’re part of the fight against it.

Your words are important.

Your words make people think and feel, and by doing so they take back power from sloppy word-wielders. Research shows those who read fiction are more empathetic to the world around them. Stories show us there’s a world of thoughts and feelings out there. And though we are unique, we’re part of a giant wealth of uniqueness that this world needs.

Perhaps most importantly, your words are important to you. They keep you going. They take what’s inside of you and give it life. Your writing has even more meaning in extraordinary times.

So keep writing – because we need it.

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11 thoughts on “Your Writing Is Important 

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  1. Rather than. Calling legitimate news fake news I am hoping Pres Trump will soon recognize the power of words… . Even expressed. On twitter.


  2. Well, I just started blogging and it’s hard to believe your words are important, when you can barely write a sentence without questioning its quality. I think the phrase “Events in the world prove just how fickle words are” explains why so many new bloggers are afraid to write.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Every writer questions their work, it’s in our nature. But that doesn’t mean you should stop. I was scared when I started blogging, I was terrified when I put out my e-book – but if you don’t do, you’ll never know. You will make mistakes, you’re human. But I think as long as what you write isn’t setting out to deliberately hurt people in the pursuit of likes or notoriety, then dare to be bold and put your thoughts out there. A thick skin is must but never lose your empathy.


  3. Yup – words are important and, for me, whether I’m trying to make sense of ‘reality’ or waxing on via ‘fantasy/murder mystery’ instead of giving in for my need to tell this entity or that, “the 7th level of hell is reserved for you, mark my words…’ – and or, whether I just need to remind myself and give myself some ‘hope’ that tomorrow won’t look as bad as it feels like it will be, tonight, well – I know we are all different, but I seriously wonder how so many of my fellow human ‘beans’ manage to get that done without writing, journaling, etc… even if they ‘never hit the publish’ button – 😀

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