5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers and Booklovers

It’s that time of year again, but it’s safe to say it’s not been a year like any other. Still some traditions persist. Like my yearly gift post. Okay so I’ve only actually done one for 2018 and one for 2019 but as far as I’m concerned, that’s a tradition. So once again I have scoured the Internet (or clicked a bunch of ads I got on Instagram) to list five ideas for the writer or booklover in your life (or possibly you).

1) The Library Scented Candle, Chase and Wonder

This candle, ensconced in a book patterned glass holder isn’t cheap. But it’s probably a lot less expensive than trying to build your own library and fill it with books to get that library-fresh scent. It’s made in Great Britain, made from vegan friendly soy wax and is poured by hand. Plus bonus glass jar at the end.

2) Wooden writing sign, FlossandJet

I’m a big fan of letting people know when not to disturb you in a subtle fashion (well subtler than shouting “shut up I’m writing” anyway). This handy double sided sign has one message for when you getting down to it and another saying “Bring me coffee” for when you’re still getting down to it but need caffiene – win-win! If you don’t have a specific door to hang it on, why not pin it to the back of your chair or sling it around your neck.

3) Sketchpad Project

This is a slightly different one as it’s more for artists, but there are plenty of writers out there who also like to scribble and be creative in other ways. This is essentially an art project where you get a blank sketchpad with a unique ID, fill it in with whatever you choose and send it back to become part of the library and travel round the country. It is US based but they do apparently ship internationally.

4) DIY miniature study, Etsy

This may be the most amazing thing ever. Ok perhaps an overstatement but for me this combines two great things – miniatures and books. It may be a bit time-consuming, but hey what else can you do when it’s cold and dark but a bit of crafting (oh and writing, yes, that too). The kit is available from a few different shops on Etsy, so I’ve linked to a search that pops up the options.

5) Monthly book subscription, Hand-me-down book club

Subscription boxes for everything from plants to crafts to gin are all the rage. And not surprisingly there are a few book boxes about too. But Hand-me-down book club is one taking a different tack by focusing on sustainability. From £9.99 a month you get a selection of pre-loved books in your preferred genres delivered to your door.

So a few ideas that will hopefully spark your interest. If you’ve found any great gift ideas yourself, please share in the comments!

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