5 Signs You’re A Writer

If you’re new to writing you might be thinking “hm, how do I know when I’m actually a writer?” I mean yes there’s the whole writing stuff malarky but there are also some other tell-tale signs you’re a writer that you should be on the lookout for.

1) Your search history is… interesting

Also potentially incriminating, but everything you Google is for writing purposes only. Unfortunately looking for details about how to treat a stab wound, or where Uranium is stored could put you on the radar of a national security agency or your local law enforcement. There’s also the ever-present danger of falling down a Wiki hole.

2) You have many, many notebooks

Even though you have ample digital devices in which to write and make notes, you still have many notebooks. There’s one by your bed, on your desk, in the loo – everywhere inspiration may strike. And then there are more piled up on shelves and in boxes. Every time you get a new one, you think you need it although secretly you know you’ll never use the really pretty ones.

3) You do your best writing when you’re not writing

At work, in the shower, folding laundry, driving, making a sandwich – you write the best, most profound pieces without even putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). It’s astounding what you can write in your mind. And then, when you sit down, ready to get your masterpiece in black and white – nothing. A bit fat empty space as your brain decides to take a holiday.Thanks a lot, brain.

4) Your daydreaming is more consistent than your writing

You’ve designed the cover for your book, written the blurb, chosen your nom-de-plume, and practiced your book-signing signature. For the movie adaption, you’ve tagged your ideal cast and got an acceptance speech ready for the adapted screenplay. But of course, first you must finish writing the actual book. Ah.

5) You can’t help but eavesdrop and people watch

It’s not intentional. You don’t mean to be nosy, you just can’t help it. And if you happen to make a mental note of what you see, or hear, and that happens to end up somewhere in a book then well that’s just serendipitous isn’t it?

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22 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re A Writer

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  1. I ‘write’ the most when going about daily tasks – which I have learned to ‘interrupt’ myself from doing, when I realize, “Oh! YES! Must Write that down!” – then? I bring up the notes file, read it over and think, “I should have just stopped weeding right then, and written the whole first draft down!!!” – LOL. Alas, saves me from having to delete and/or edit a lot of drafts – :D. Que Sera, Sera – if I’m supposed to write it, the stream will show up again to remind me…. Love this list!

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  2. Dropped by via Chel’s blog. The amount of times I’ve been in the shower and the right phrase springs into my shampoo slathered head is frightening; Then its a mad rush to rinse, grab a towel and blindly scramble for a steam curled notebook before the idea go down the drain, literally. This mind weirdly works best(?) at a kind of idling half rest.

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  3. I write articles while listening to podcasts. Then I forget about my great ideas. 😀 Search history: I’m definitely on a watch list! Notebooks: Not so much these days, but I do have a little notepad with ideas I never get to.

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  4. I don’t really do any of these, especially the notebooks. I think the key is that you don’t stop writing, you keep doing it one way or the other. When I was young I wrote alot, then put it away for a long time, occasionally trying then letting it go. When self-publishing became popular the past decade, I started trying in earnest and I think it helped that I had formed an adult brain i.e. I understand why people do the things they do more now so that helps write better characters and also if you’re going to try to sell something, you have to make it a decent product i.e. it has to have a beginning, middle, end, has to go somewhere, you can’t just have something that meanders all over and goes nowhere if you are trying to sell it.


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