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Pick a spot. A cosy chair, a squishy bean bag, a nook by the window. Have a cup of tea. Open a book.
Welcome to Wordland.

My name is Rachel aka Wordlander and I write fantastical supernatural tales with a bit of horror and comedy on the side.

I’ve been playing around with words ever since I could hold a pen, and my preferred genres are fantasy, horror and sci-fi. I also channel the unique British way with fantasy as previously explored by greats like Lewis Carroll, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman – not that I’m quite at their level! If that sounds like your thing, you might want to check out my two e-books, available on Amazon to buy (or FREE to download if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited).

On my blog you’ll find writing tips and advice, blogging help, and short-stories and poetry. I also like visit famous authors’ houses and er, their final resting places!

I’m currently working on a new project called ‘The Cauldron Trilogy’. These three books will follow a family as they move to a seemingly ordinary English village where witches, vampires and other supernatural forces are playing havoc with the nature of reality.

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  1. AH MY SORT OF WRITER. Oops sorry about the caps. Ghost in the machine. I’d add N Gaiman and D Adams to that inspiring list and if you’ve not found Ben Aaronovitch yet, Rachael you’re in for a treat…

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