These are my top posts about writing. They’re full of writing advice and tips help whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, epic poetry or blog posts. Find our how to shift writer’s block, effective ways to edit your work, reviews of top writing books and much more. Take a look, and if you like what you read then leave a comment!

Writer’s Block? Move It!

Are you a Digital Hoarder?

What to do When you hit a Black Hole with your Writing

5 Ways to Wordsmith your Writing

When was the Last Time you Backed-up your Work?

How to Write*

Perchance to dream…

A Writers Perfect Jumper

My Brain and I have “Words”

Literary Caffeine

Every Writer Should Have One of These

Finding Time to Write

Would you give your Writing as a Gift?

Get Paid to do your Own Writers Retreat!

5 Tips for Writing Competitions

Why Exercise is Good for a Writer

Is “The Elements of Style” the Only Book about Writing you Need?

Write Every Day!

Save the Date! Are Deadlines A Good or Bad Thing?

Who are your Writing Pals?

4 Roadblocks to your Writing and 4 Ways to Steamroll them

Where’s the Oddest Place you’ve done it?

6 Reasons why you Might want to Buy my Book

5 Ways to Promote your E-book

Stuck for a Writing Idea? Time to Start Digging

Why your Writing is Important

Can Fidgeting Help you Write?

How Writers can use Pinterest

5 Tips on Editing from an Editor

The Art of Being Alone

What Name do you Write Under?


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