Follow the ancestors – Chysauster Ancient Village

If there one period of history I love most it's got to be ancient history. The pre-history of the UK holds a special fascination and seeing as I live here, it's easier for me to visit what remains of it. Chysauster Ancient Village near Penzance in Cornwall, is an Iron Age settlement consisting of a… Continue reading Follow the ancestors – Chysauster Ancient Village

Writing a Book part 6 – Publication

If you've followed my previous posts on writing a book; research, characters, plotting, first draft, and editing, then thank you. If you haven't, why not read those after this! This is my last post about writing a book, and it focuses on what to do once your book is finished. There's no reason you have to publish of… Continue reading Writing a Book part 6 – Publication

Notebook Collection: St Micheals Mount, Cornwall

Just off the coast of Marazion, Cornwall, is a tiny island, known as St Micheals Mount. When the tide is low, you can walk across the beach, down the causeway to the island itself, and explore the abbey turned home that sits at the top. A dark, blustery day just adds to the drama here.… Continue reading Notebook Collection: St Micheals Mount, Cornwall

An Oasis of Creativity – The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

St. Ives is a beautiful town on the North coast of Cornwall.. For years it's been the home of many artists. In fact, in 1993 The Tate created "The Tate, St. Ives" overlooking one of its amazing beaches. And as with many of the places in this part of the UK, it can be very… Continue reading An Oasis of Creativity – The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

Here’s a Foolproof Way to get Blogging Ideas

Finding ideas for blog posts can be tricky. But there's a website I've used in the past that could give you some inspiration. It's called Answer the Public. Very simply you type in a keyword or phrase, and it shows you a bunch of questions asked online by, well, the public. It's a pretty good way… Continue reading Here’s a Foolproof Way to get Blogging Ideas

A Visit to Poldark Country – Cornwall, UK

If you're not familiar with BBC series "Poldark" let me sum it up - set in Cornwall in the eighteenth century, it focuses on Ross Poldark, played by Aidan Turner, who's trying to make his fortunes by mining copper, and has a penchant for scything things with his top off. Ok, so there's actually far… Continue reading A Visit to Poldark Country – Cornwall, UK

Notebook Collection: Roman Dead – The Museum of London Docklands

If you're a regular reader, you'll know I'm rather interested in history and cemeteries. So the 'Roman Dead' exhibition at 'The Museum of London Docklands' was definitely worth a visit. And as an added bonus it was free.   The exhibition showcases finds from excavations around London, with the focus being on a stunning sarcophagus… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Roman Dead – The Museum of London Docklands

Writing a Book part 5 – Editing

If you've stuck with me through parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, then thank you! As I said at the start, I've always suspicious of anything that claims to definitively tell you how to write. But hopefully, my advice is useful to you and will help you on your writing journey. So we've reached the… Continue reading Writing a Book part 5 – Editing

Brookwood Cemetery – A Final Resting Place in the Woods

Brookwood Cemetery is the UK's largest graveyard. It was built in 1854 and covers around 400 acres. In Victorian times trains carried the dead, divided by class, from the London Necropolis Station to this quiet, leafy town. I've wanted to visit Brookwood ever since reading 'Necropolis: London and its Dead' by Catharine Arnold. I've passed it… Continue reading Brookwood Cemetery – A Final Resting Place in the Woods

Notebook Collection: Cast off! HMS Victory

HMS Victory was the flagship of Lord Nelson, Vice Admiral of the British Navy. At Trafalgar, he and his ship won the day, but Nelson lost his life. Today Victory sits at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard where she's been carefully preserved providing a fantastic porthole into Navy life. I've been to Victory a number of times,… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Cast off! HMS Victory