Can Writing Make you Feel Better?

Everyone has good days and bad days. Some people's bad days are worse than others. And sometimes those bad "days" last weeks, months or even years. If you're feeling low, it can be a struggle to do anything, least of all something creative. But sometimes writing can help make the dark a bit more bearable.... Continue Reading →

Writing a Book part 6 – Publication

If you've followed my previous posts on writing a book;¬†research,¬†characters,¬†plotting, first draft, and editing, then thank you. If you haven't, why not read those after this! This is my last post about writing a book, and it focuses on what to do once your book is finished. There's no reason you have to publish of... Continue Reading →

Writing a Book part 3 – Plotting

Are you a planner or a 'pantser'? As I've previously said there's no right or wrong way to write a book, but it's probably more usual to plan your book rather than just start writing. However, there are writers who simply sit and go. Douglas Adams was a famous 'pantser'. Personally, I'm a big planner... Continue Reading →

Writing a Book part 2 – Characters

This is the next step I take writing a book, following on from 'Research'. After a sufficient amount of research under my belt, I move onto my characters. Research and character development will overlap. You might not have a clear idea of all the research you'll need to do for your characters until you start... Continue Reading →

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