Writing a Book part 1 – Research

Want to write a book? Don't know where to start? Well, you're in the wrong place! But seriously, I'm no writing expert, I'm just going to throw out some writing advice based on my own experience. This is NOT a definitive 'How to write' guide because those don't exist. What works for one writer, may... Continue Reading →

3 Ways Writers can use Instagram

Websites and apps can be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to writing. But just as Pinterest can help writers, so can Instagram. Plenty of people shy away from it, pointing out that the unrealistic view of reality it promotes isn't exactly healthy. But the same can be said of everything... Continue Reading →

Share your Writing Space

Our house move means I can have a desk again. Our previous pad didn't have space for it so writing time was spent tucked wherever I could on my Chromebook. I still like to do that, moving around to be creative. But it's nice to have my own spot, especially for writing and this reclaimed... Continue Reading →

What Name do you Write Under?

In 'On Writers and Writing', Margaret Atwood discusses (among other things) the notion that a writer is in fact two people. The 'writer' is an ever present twin aside the 'person'. One observes, the other writes. This duality is explored mirrored by writers themselves in many stories from 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' to 'A... Continue Reading →

Self doubt is a bastard

You know him. He's that guy who wants you to feel his successes are your failures as he feels your successes are his. He may not achieve much but it's all him if he does. He'll find the negative in every positive. He sees each fall as reason to stop climbing. The future, he swears,... Continue Reading →

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