Writing and Blogging Advice

These posts are full of writing advice and tips to help whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, epic poetry, or even your own blog posts! Find out how to shift writer’s block, ways to edit your work, reviews of top writing books and much more. Take a look, and if you like what you read then why not leave a comment?

Writing a Book – my Six-Part Guide

Writing a Book part 1 – Research

Writing a Book part 2 – Characters

Writing a Book part 3 – Plotting

Writing a Book part 4 – The First Draft

Writing a Book part 5 – Editing

Writing a Book part 6 – Publication

Writing tips & advice

The Good and (The Bad) of Being A Writer With A Day Job

Writers! What Do You Do All Day?

9 Tools Every Writer Needs

10 Inspiring Quotes from Writers About Writing

Why You Need to Create a Soundtrack for Your Book

7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Write

4 Ways to Cope with Writing Criticism

5 Things You Need to be a Writer

Collaboration – the Next Big Thing for Writers?

6 Ways to Get Inspired

8 Self-care Tips for Writing

Divide and Conquer – the Simple Way to Write a Book

Can Writing Make You Feel Better?

Can Writing by Hand Boost your Creativity?

5 Ways you can “Write” without Writing

3 Ways Writers can use Instagram

Share your Writing Space

4 Things I Learned Self-publishing Two E-books in Two Years

Learn about Writing from your Favourite Authors

Reach your Writing Goals with a Schedule

What Name do you Write Under?

How Writers can use Pinterest

5 Tips on Editing from an Editor

Can Fidgeting Help you Write?

5 Ways to Promote your E-book

Stuck for a Writing Idea? Time to Start Digging

4 Roadblocks to your Writing and 4 Ways to Steamroll them

Is “The Elements of Style” the Only Book about Writing you Need?

Writer’s Block? Move It!

What to do When you hit a Black Hole with your Writing

5 Ways to Wordsmith your Writing

When was the Last Time you Backed-up your Work?

How to Write*

How to Find Time to Write at Work

Would you give your Writing as a Gift?

Get Paid to do your Own Writers Retreat!

5 Tips for Writing Competitions

Why Exercise is Good for a Writer

Write Every Day!

Blogging tips

12 Blog Post Ideas for Your Writing Blog

6 Reasons to Have a Blog

What I Learnt Coming “Off” Social Media

3 Simple Tips to Get More Visitors to your Blog

Here’s a Foolproof Way to get Blogging Ideas

Get your Blog to do the Heavy Lifting – 7 Top Tips

Blog Post Checklist – Get the Basics Right

All About You – Why You Should Have an About Page on Your Blog

10 Tips for Better Blogging

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