She’ll do Nicely

They say when your senses diminish, other senses become more astute, so your eyes improve if you’re deaf, your ears if you’re blind. I don’t know how truthful that is, but it seems as my body has diminished the strength of my mind has grown. All those books I read are now proving their worth.... Continue Reading →

Prose – Hildegard the Wielder

They called her Hildegard the Wielder. At first glance, it was not easy to understand why. She was but a young woman, small and slight, with tangled dark hair and dark, knowing eyes. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her. On second glance though, things became clearer. Strapped across her back, was a sword... Continue Reading →

Prose – Draomen

Her wings hurt. Fear had pushed her to fly further than she should have. It was exhaustion that finally made her land. Now she sat on a grey tooth rock, chilled by a wind off a wide, grey lake. There was no sign of civilisation. And that was good. Her wings itched. They were dry... Continue Reading →

Prose – Paperchain

‘Dad’s dead.’ The words come from Sam. My half brother and Dad's only son. ‘Did you hear me Kate?’ ‘Yes I heard you.’ I put down my duster and perch on a chair. Without looking, I reach for the notepad I always keep by the phone and start making a list. Lists are the backbone... Continue Reading →

Prose – Runaway

Some mornings I wake up and I want to run away. I stare at the curtains, at the pallid floral pattern and long to escape. The early light paints the room grey, the pipes creak, the cars drive by and by and by. I want to run away and leave everyone behind. Even you. Even... Continue Reading →

Prose – The Moon

It was the moon that made her fall. She had been running for an age, scratched and bloodied on her feet and arms with scalp and back slick with sweat. Her scarf was long lost and her hair, haphazard gold and dark tones, flowed behind her like a sail. The trees were dark guards, the... Continue Reading →

Prose – The Big Guy

The thin faced Drone is taking me to see The Big Guy. I’m not surprised. The day I arrived he’d told me The Big Guy was a fan of my work. I’m just happy to get away from the endless filing. We walk through the office. It’s the greyest place I’ve ever seen. The walls,... Continue Reading →

Prose – Postcard from Norway

We took the car ferry across the glossy Sognefjord to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. Inside, three huge cocooning screens showed a film that flew us over the glaciers that spread over the country. Afterwards, it was only fitting that we visited a real glacier - or at least part of it. The Boyabreen arm of... Continue Reading →

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