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The Cauldron Trilogy has begun – Find out more about my latest fantasy book trilogy.

And take a look at my two previously published books, available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

Tales from the Creeping Edges – UK £1.99 

Tales from the Creeping Edges – US $2.59

Image of cover of Tales from the Creeping EdgesLook outside. The world looks ordinary, boring even. But strange places and unearthly creatures lie at the edges – and they’re creeping ever closer…

This collection of short horror stories, give you a glimpse into what’s beyond the reality you know.

Young Ivy explores a mysterious building in the middle of a field and meets its ghoulish resident in “Feed the Little Children”.

Lee and his friends dare each other to travel down “Creek End”, a street no adult can see.

David faces deadly temptation in a parallel universe in “Mr Spectors’ Circumstances have Changed”.

Effigy” tells the tale of a prank gone wrong and the terrible revenge exacted upon the ‘Guy’ deemed responsible.

And in “Close Encounters for the Whole Family”, a naive farm girl makes first contact with aliens – but it doesn’t lead to the outcome the world is hoping for.

These tales and more await you, perfect if you want a bit of terror on the train, the plane…or in the crypt! Darkly humorous and chilling, ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ will linger long in your memory.

Under this Skin – UK £1.99

Under this Skin – US $2.59

Image of Under this Skin book coverTrude doesn’t expect much from life – least of all a sudden death, a mysterious box and some painful and bizarre “growing pains”.

“The denouement was special!”

“The twist is more surprising than an M. Night Shyamalan movie in a house of mirrors”

“A fascinating and skilfully crafted story”

Trude’s world consists of her crappy job, her cat and the occasional strained family visits. She barely knows her neighbours, so when one dies suddenly and leaves her a box full of strange diaries and drawings, she’s baffled but intrigued. Her neighbour’s friend David tries to help her understand what they mean – and provides the tantalising possibility of romance.

But things take a strange and violent turn.

Trude starts to suffer disturbing symptoms. She feels her body break and change into…something else. She wakes up in strange places without her memory – or her clothes She sees other people’s thoughts. And weirdest of all, something is stalking her inside her own head.

Uncover the secrets “Under this Skin” in this darkly comic contemporary fantasy debut.

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