9 Things I Did on my Holiday

Sat by a pool Walked A LOT. I mean a lot. We somehow decided that we’d get 10,000 steps in even though we were, you know, ON HOLIDAY. When I say “we decided” I mean I reluctantly went along with my boyfriend’s idea.  Wrote the first drafts of two poems and one short story (woot!)… Continue reading 9 Things I Did on my Holiday

Bookish Book Bag Bargain

Trying saying that three times fast! I just had to share with you this squee inducing find (yes I said squee) I discovered at the weekend. I have coveted many a bag from Paperchase but their prices can be a bit steep, so I couldn't believe my book loving eyes when I saw this in… Continue reading Bookish Book Bag Bargain

Books That Get Under Our Skin – Literary Tattoos

The classic horror aficionados amongst you will recognise the quote above from Bram Stoker's Dracula. The tattoo and the arm it sits on belong to my friend Kasi. This is her favourite line from her favourite book, and it's now permanently embossed on her skin. Tattoos are well in the mainstream now and literary ones… Continue reading Books That Get Under Our Skin – Literary Tattoos

Finding Sanctuary in Libraries

For a large part of my life, libraries were my sanctuary. My parents were regular visitors and would take my brother and I in every few weeks. My child’s allocation of four books would rarely be enough, so I’d often use some of my parents allowance to pick up all my favourites. At school the… Continue reading Finding Sanctuary in Libraries

Take five books

This list is part of a much bigger one of 'books I can't live without', but I whittled it down to five because it's easier to build a blog post around it. Top (insert number here) lists are entirely objective of course, but I quite like them. So now, without further ado and in no particular… Continue reading Take five books

Reading Out Loud

Woman reading book out loud

  Reading your writing aloud is well known as an essential part of the editing process. But what about reading other people's writing out loud? You may not have done it since you were a child, but I think that reading other people's work can help you write better. You get to know what works… Continue reading Reading Out Loud