Notebook Collection: Weald and Downland Museum

I've be coming to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum since I was a child. It's an endlessly fascinating place, especially if you love history which I do. The site covers 50 acres and is filled with houses and workplaces dating from history. Some also have their interiors filled with historical objects. There are… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Weald and Downland Museum

Notebook Collection: Hellfire Caves, UK

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The Hellfire Caves. If that's not a name to spark your imagination, I don't know what is. The caves weren't originally called that and their purpose is rather mundane. During various harvest failures in the 17th century, the local lord commissioned the caves to be mined for chalk that would then be used to create… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Hellfire Caves, UK

Notebook Collection: Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

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Without doubt one of the best (and most expensive) places I've ever visited is The Making of Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studios. I've posted about one of my visits before and can utterly recommend it. My other half, who hasn't read the books or seen all of the films, absolutely loved it. He… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

Wordy Gifts

If you need some inspiration for gifts of a 'wordy' kind, then let me help with these lovely things I got for my birthday. First up, two lovely new notebooks for my collection. I like the clouds that appears on the pages in the Notebook for Dreamers. Next up a super soft pencil case decorated… Continue reading Wordy Gifts

Notebook Collection: Shakespeare’s Globe, London

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"We are such stuff as dreams are made of." Shakespeare's Globe, situated in Southwark in London, was the dream of actor and director Sam Wanamaker. Sadly he never got to see it finished as it was completed in 1997, four years after he passed away.  It stands as a testament to his perseverance, taking 20… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Notebook Collection: Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Florence

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Seven years ago I visited Florence, Italy. It's a beautiful city, its slender streets packed with history and more scooters than you could shake an expresso at. It's also the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci was an illegitimate child who grew up to be one of the finest minds the world has ever… Continue reading Notebook Collection: Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Florence

Notebook Collection: The Eden Project

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I've decided to post more about my notebook collection and to that end, I'll be putting up a post about a particular notebook about once a month. Hopefully this will be of interest to fellow notebook nuts like me. I've even made a new menu link up the top where I'll stash all notebook related… Continue reading Notebook Collection: The Eden Project

Notebook Collection – Mary Rose Museum and Cuba

I don't think there's anyone I know who isn't aware of my notebook collection/obsession. This is my most recent addition, a gift from a friend who visited, yup you've guessed it, Cuba.   I also have this new, pocket-money-school-trip one from my visit to the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Nothing fancy but… Continue reading Notebook Collection – Mary Rose Museum and Cuba

9 Things I Did on my Holiday

Sat by a pool Walked A LOT. I mean a lot. We somehow decided that we’d get 10,000 steps in even though we were, you know, ON HOLIDAY. When I say “we decided” I mean I reluctantly went along with my boyfriend’s idea.  Wrote the first drafts of two poems and one short story (woot!)… Continue reading 9 Things I Did on my Holiday

My Notebook Collection

I think I may have a problem. I've always collected things. Books (obviously), but also stamps, boxes, china dolls, dolls in national dress, coins, Troll dolls; when we went to France on holiday, I horded those two packs of sugar cubes you only seem to get in cafe's in Europe. I just have to collect. And… Continue reading My Notebook Collection