9 Things I Did on my Holiday

    • Sat by a pool
    • Walked A LOT. I mean a lot. We somehow decided that we’d get 10,000 steps in even though we were, you know, ON HOLIDAY. When I say “we decided” I mean I reluctantly went along with my boyfriend’s idea.
    •  Wrote the first drafts of two poems and one short story (woot!)
    •  Drank a bit of wine. Okay, some wine. Alright a lot of wine but I was in France and it’s the law out there. Fact.
    • Wondered how French women don’t sweat and waft about in white, when I was like “I’m melting, I’m melting” every day.
    • Collected packaged sugar cubes just like I did when I was little.

I was an odd child.

    • Read ‘The Ocean at The End of The Lane’ by Neil Gaiman. It was weird, wonderful, brilliant – go read it now.
    • Wished for rain (and I’m British).
    • Added to my notebook collection.


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