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Books are awesome, am I right? I like reading them and writing about them. Find out more about literary tattoos, presents to buy that bookworm in your life (or yourself), and about books I love.

What’s Your Comfort Book?

Get Organised With This Classic Books Calendar

Discworld Art – The Unseen University Library

5 Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers

6 Books Every Writer Should Read

How do You Organise your Books

The Oldest Bookshop in the World – Chiado Bertrand, Lisbon

What’s in your Bookcase?

Take Five Books

Bookish Purchase

Finding Sanctuary in Libraries

Books that get Under Our Skin – Literary Tattoos

Literary Presents

Bookish Book Bag Bargain

Hedwig & Pigwidgeon

Where’s this Jacket From? Why the V&A of course!

Breaking Books

Terry Pratchett Goodies

The Sleeper and The Spindle by Neil Gaiman

I Love Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman – So Why Don’t I Love Good Omens?

Wordy Gifts

Today is Roald Dahl Day

I Bought the Final Discworld Novel

8 Things Book Lovers can do at Christmas

New Years Resolution – Keep a Diary (the Easy Way)

Discworld Imaginarium by Paul Kidby & Terry Pratchett

Jewelry for Bookworms

5 Christmas Gifts for Bookworms (that aren’t Books)

Want to know what I write? Find out more about my books

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