5 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

I did a similar post last year – but as some of those suggestions last year are no longer available (sad face), I’ve rustled up another set of present ideas for you (or to suggest to your loved ones!)

1) Readly subscription

Perhaps “Bookworm” should be renamed “Reading worm”, because readers, read pretty much anything. Back of a cereal packet, adverts on the Tube, slightly disturbing posters in the doctor’s office – we just have to read. So if you’re looking something that provides oodles of reading material, try Readly. It’s a digital magazine subscription service for tons of publications. The format not only saves paper you can also access it via any digital device. There are loads of titles to choose from, many including back issues so you can binge on your favourites.

2) My Miniature Library

This combines two of my greatest loves, books and very small things. It’s a wee kit from which you can craft your own books and bookcase. So there’s a bit of DIY involved, but it’s so minimal even the most cack-handed amoung us could do it. And in the end, you have your own tiny library!

3) ‘Go Away I’m Reading’ T-shirt

Some people don’t do well with subtle hints. Even when you’re nose deep in a book, they’ll try and talk to you. This t-shirt should give them an almost unmissable message. Also available is a ‘Go Away I’m Writing’ version – I have this on a mug, which is very handy but the t-shirt is more portable.

4) Book Token

I’m on a mission to rehabilitate the much-maligned book token. When I was a kid they were bemoaned as the gift of senile great-aunts or those devoid of any imagination. But you know what book lovers love? Books. Know what they love even more? Free books! Yes, you could just give them cash, but a book token (or these days gift card) can only be spent on books, so they won’t feel guilty about using it for that and not say food or something.

5) “Reader’s Digest” print – Johan Potma

If you haven’t seen it already, go check out my post on “Zozoville”, the creation of a duo of German artists of whom Johan Potma is one half. This particular print of his is funny and imaginative little piece that I think any book lover would appreciate (and it’s good value too). There are more pieces by both artists on the same site so why not explore whilst you’re there?

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