The Perfect Gift? How About Your Writing?

Have you ever made a gift of your writing? Perhaps the idea’s never crossed your mind. I mean, you love to write and you do it all the time – but give it as a present?

But think about it. If you knitted or painted, or crafted jewellery, you’d probably give people the fruits of your labours – they might even ask for them. So why not give them your words? A poem or even a short story makes a unique and highly personal gift.

I know it can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never let anyone read your work before. What if they don’t like it? The fact you’ve taken the time and effort to write something especially for them means they almost certainly will. After all, it is the thought that counts. And if you’re worried about seeming cheap, they make it part of a larger gift.

I’ve gifted my words three times; a poem to my Mum, a Christening gift to my friend’s little boy, and a poem about my nephews to my sister-in-law. They all seemed to have gone down well.

Writing these pieces stretched my own skills as well. Poetry isn’t my strongest format although I like trying. On top of that is the art of writing for a known audience, like a speech-writer. Usually, your readers are anonymous. When it’s closer to home, you’re more aware of avoiding cliches and being trite.

Have you ever given your words as a present? Or do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift? How About Your Writing?

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  1. Previously – Yes, as a present – yes, for a special occasion – but those who enjoyed my efforts are gone and those I give presents to now, don’t understand the writing or blogging thing – so No, for now…


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