6 Christmas Presents For The Writer Or Reader In Your Life

It’s my annual Christmas gift post (you can check out the lists for 2018 here, 2019 here and 2020 here). Whether you’re buying for a writer, a reader, or both, here are some great ideas for Yuletide presents.

1) Writers Keyring charm

A small but perfectly formed gift for any writer, these keyring includes charms of a pen, quill and typewriter and can be personalised with initials and birthday month gems.

2) Wrist warmers

I have a pair of these so I can say from personal experience they’re pretty great. I lean towards colder extremities, often wearing fingerless gloves at home and when I’m in the office. These wrist warmers are made from recycled cashmere so are super soft and sustainable, and aim to keep your pinkies perky by warming the blood in your wrists, and therefore up to your fingers. Anyone who spends a lot of time typing will appreciate these.

4) “Book” fragrance by Commodity

Somewhat on the pricier side but if that special someone may appreciate this fragrance, simply titled “Book” which according to its blurb “tips its hat to the Hemingways and Fitzgeralds of the world, conjuring the warmth of a quiet moment curled up with a good book.”

5) A book on one page poster

You want a book on one easy-digested page? Simple. Just get one of these posters. Each one includes the entire text of your favourite bookworms best-loved book in an image that accurately reflects said novel. You may need a magnifying glass to read it, but it’s there!

6) Writing water bottle

Sometimes writers can get a bit too absorbed in what they’re doing and forget to do a lot of things – like drink water. This handy water bottle (with an appropriate message) keeps a drink fresh and ready by their side so they will at least keep hydrated.

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