5 Christmas Gifts for Bookworms (that aren’t Books)

It’s nearly Christmas and we’re all looking for the perfect gift. If you have a bookworm or literary lover to buy for, then here are five ideas for presents that should make them happy on the big day.

Bookstore candle – Frostbeard

Ah the smell of books. Whether it be the fresh paper scent of new books, or the more weathered second-hand smell, your average bookworm loves it. Frostbeard do a variety of different book related candles in various sizes, some of which could crop up in books such as “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”.

BFG stacking mugs – Truffle Shuffle

Quentin Blake’s illustration a for Roald Dahl’s books fit so well, it’s a wonder they weren’t created together. This set of stacking mugs, each depict part of the very tall BFG and are perfect for your tea.or coffee. And they’ll look awesome on your kitchen counter

Bookworm black leather glasses case – Yoshi

I’ve chosen a glasses case here, but Yoshi has a whole variety of bags and purses to choose from. All showing different selections of books. My dream is for every bag I own to be one of these!

Library card socks – The Literary Gift Company

What’s Christmas without socks? These library card socks are super snazzy and come in different colours in case bright yellow isn’t quite your thing.

‘Read More Books’ slogan jumper – Joanie Clothing

Joanie Clothing has a retro vibe but I think they’re still wearable no matter what your style. This sweater looks stylish and comfy – plus it will remind other people (and yourself) to read more books in the new year!

What kind of literary gifts do you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I really wanted socks. I often write in my PJs and my feet get cold (especially my ankles) or I read a book on the sofa. Nobody buys socks anymore. I joked about it to my husband and he went and got me some love soft ones in the post-Christmas sales. My feet are now happy. I wrote two posts on gifts for writers this year ( extravagant list and affordable list).

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