5 Christmas Gifts For Readers And Writers

Every year I like to do a list of Christmas gift ideas with a book, writing, or literary theme to help you decide what to get loved ones (or yourself). And each year it gets a bit harder to find new things. But I’ve got five Xmas gift ideas from inexpensive to the more pricey to browse through so enjoy!

1) Pop culture bookmarks – The Bookmark Boys

Price at £3.85 each (or three for £10) these are perfect and unique little gifts for anyone. Complete with a pencil drawing and quote from some of the most iconic characters on TV, these will undoubtedly hit the mark (heh) for any avid reader in your life. No more dog-eared books either!

2) Unusual notebooks and other stationery – Foundland

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make any writer you know happy it’s a notebook. Trust me, if you want a happy little writer on your hands, give them a fresh shiny notebook (oo lookit the unwritten pages). Really any kind of stationary is going to make their hearts sing. And on Foundland there’s a smorgasbord of unusual notebooks, pencils, pencil cases, stamps, notes, and so on for a variety of prices.

3) A Literary Tea Party – Alison Walsh

Books of any kind will be well received by a reader or writer. But why not combine in food, or specifically tea party food (the best food) like cakes, hot chocolates, sweets, and, um, tea to give your bookish present an added zing. Here you’ll find recipes inspired by classics like The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland (of course), Little Women, and many more.

4) Trap print – Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld is a cartoonist and illustrator, whose work is printed in The Guardian, New Scientist, and New Yorker. He’s also created a number of comic books. I particularly like his style and many of his cartoons have a literary bent. The one linked above is about trapping a librarian. These are on the more expensive side at £80 each but they’re certainly something to savour.

5) Bookshop model – Lego

This is the most expensive thing I’ve found at £169 but it does come with a lot of detail and features a bookshop and connected townhouse. Lego is fun no matter what age you are and nothing quite feels like building a new lego pack. It’s the kind of thing you can change and mold over time too. I’m a tad biased since not only is this a bookshop it’s well, a doll’s house essentially which was always my jam growing up. But if you have a reader of any age and you want to keep them quiet for a few hours – this will likely do it!

I hope these have inspired you – any literary Christmas gift ideas you have yourself? Please share in the comments.

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