5 Ways to Describe Your Characters

Your characters guide your readers through your writing. They're who they like, love, hate, or puzzle over. So you need to dedicate a bit of your book to describing them. But your character descriptions shouldn't just be a list of attributes - you're not a witness to a crime! So how do you effectively and... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Deal With Writing Criticism

When you put your writing out into the great wild world, you're be guaranteed to get criticism. If you're lucky it will be constructive, advice that can help you improve and grow as a writer. But chances are some of it won't be. No-one's writing is ever universally liked or without the potential to offend,... Continue Reading →

6 Tips For Writing On Holiday

Come the summer, our thoughts naturally turn to holidays, or vacations, or whatever word you have for a longish period of time off. Many things get put on the back burner to accommodate this and that can include writing. But that doesn't mean you stop wanting to write. After all for many of us, a... Continue Reading →

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