She’ll do Nicely

They say when your senses diminish, other senses become more astute, so your eyes improve if you’re deaf, your ears if you’re blind. I don’t know how truthful that is, but it seems as my body has diminished the strength of my mind has grown. All those books I read are now proving their worth.... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Writing Competitions

When I first started writing, my aim was to write full-length novels. But I'd also have smaller ideas and write short stories now and then. Once I subscribed to a writing magazine, I realised that there was a whole world of short story and poetry competitions out there. They're good because give you the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

A novella way to write a book

Novellas. The spotty teen of the literary world it seems. Not as cute and concise as the short story, nor as mature and deep as the full blown novel. But wait a second, could it be that our sulky teen is just misunderstood? There isn't a single definition of what a novella is but, broadly... Continue Reading →

Prose – Paperchain

‘Dad’s dead.’ The words come from Sam. My half brother and Dad's only son. ‘Did you hear me Kate?’ ‘Yes I heard you.’ I put down my duster and perch on a chair. Without looking, I reach for the notepad I always keep by the phone and start making a list. Lists are the backbone... Continue Reading →

Prose – The Big Guy

The thin faced Drone is taking me to see The Big Guy. I’m not surprised. The day I arrived he’d told me The Big Guy was a fan of my work. I’m just happy to get away from the endless filing. We walk through the office. It’s the greyest place I’ve ever seen. The walls,... Continue Reading →

Prose – Tradition

Don’t believe what you read in the papers. They call me a rogue, a trouble maker, unstable, but that’s bull. I don’t play by the rules, that’s for sure, but frankly, the rules suck. They've tried to stop me. They've cut off my magic a hundred times. I just buy more on the black market.... Continue Reading →

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