Prose & poetry

Here you’ll find examples of fiction, non-fiction and poetry I’ve written over the years. And if you find you like what you read, you might want to take a look at my e-books.


Tradition – a fresh take on fairytales

When shall we three meet again? – meet your friendly neighbourhood witches

Sheep’s Head Soup – the sheep are always watching

The Big Guy – you’re going to Hell, but first you get to meet The Big Guy

The Moon – she’s running for her life

Runaway – morning thoughts

Paperchain – a death in the family brings people together – whether they like it or not

Draomen – a fragment of fantasy

Hildegard the Wielder – character study of a hero

Mistress of the Sea Part One – Niamh drowns – but she doesn’t die.

Mistress of the Sea Part Two – Niamh meets the Sea

Postcard – Norway and the town of books

There you are – words for Mother’s Day


Shaped by Experience

Kite Calls


An Explanation of the Continous Necessity

Stone Cold Toad


Poetry archive

Want to know what I write? Find out more about my books

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