A Tour of The British Library

Bust of Colin St John Wilson

Did you know you can go on a behind the scenes tour of The British Library? Well, you can and you can book tickets online too, for only £10 pounds each which I think is pretty reasonable. I booked the tickets beforehand to make sure we had a place but being a Tuesday morning there were… Continue reading A Tour of The British Library

Lewis Carrolls Grave, Guildford, UK

It seems almost impossible that I should have neglected to find the final resting place of the author of my favourite book, Alice in Wonderland.  And yet I did. I assumed that Lewis Carroll was interred somewhere in London or Canterbury perhaps. The truth is he rests in a fairly unassuming graveyard in Guildford, roughly… Continue reading Lewis Carrolls Grave, Guildford, UK

5 Ways to Wordsmith your Writing

If there's one thing I like, one thing I really get a buzz from about writing, it's editing. That's not to say I don't find it painfully hard at times, But 'smithing' my text until I have the perfect sentence or paragraph or scene is just incredibly satisfying. So, here are my top 5 tips… Continue reading 5 Ways to Wordsmith your Writing

How to Earn 700 a Week Self-Publishing! 700 Simoleons that is.

If you don't know what I'm going on about, let me explain. Simoleons are the currency used in The Sims games, the most recent version being Sims 4. My OH and I have been playing these games since it's second incarnation so naturally we got the most recent one. Of course we make versions of ourselves,… Continue reading How to Earn 700 a Week Self-Publishing! 700 Simoleons that is.

Where’s this jacket from? The V&A of course!

Apparently you can buy fancy jackets for books. I did not know this until I spotted this little chap in a charity shop. For the princely sum of £2 I got a snazzy new jacket for one of my books. One problem - which of my lovely babies gets a new look? I sense a… Continue reading Where’s this jacket from? The V&A of course!

A Visit to The Charles Dickens Museum, London

Charles Dickens Museum

The Charles Dickens Museum in London is based in number 48 Doughty Street, where Dickens' lived from 1837 to 1839. It's where he wrote some of his most famous works including Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby.  It opened as a museum in 1925. The home is furnished with a lot of authentic pieces, many purchased from… Continue reading A Visit to The Charles Dickens Museum, London

New Year, New Writing Resolutions – How to Avoid Failure

I'm a little late here, but I want to just talk about New Year’s Resolutions. We make ‘em, we break 'em – that’s true for me and I expect it’s true for a lot of other people as well. Every year we make ourselves all sorts of promises – to loose weight, get fitter, get… Continue reading New Year, New Writing Resolutions – How to Avoid Failure

Finding Sanctuary in Libraries

For a large part of my life, libraries were my sanctuary. My parents were regular visitors and would take my brother and I in every few weeks. My child’s allocation of four books would rarely be enough, so I’d often use some of my parents allowance to pick up all my favourites. At school the… Continue reading Finding Sanctuary in Libraries

A new place for Wordlander

I've been away from the blogosphere recently due to moving to a lovely new home and not having any Internet. But now I'm back, with a slightly more personal post than usual, all about my new place. This is the first flat my boyfriend and I have bought (as opposed to rented) and having a… Continue reading A new place for Wordlander