What’s Your Comfort Book?

We all have at least one (possibly more) book we go back to again and again. One we’ve read so much the cover has fallen off. One we know back to front and sideways. One where the characters are like our friends and family, so real that if they turned up on the doorstep tomorrow, we wouldn’t be surprised we’d invite them in for tea. These are our comfort books.

I have a few that could be considered, the entirety of the Discworld series for a start. But really the book I’ve read the most is “Microserfs” by Douglas Coupland.

It’s odd really because it’s not my favoured genre by any means. I’m mostly a fantastical kind of gal. Coupland’s stories verge into the more outlandish at times, but in essence they’re tales set in the here and now. “Microserfs” doesn’t have too much of a plot a group of “nerds” working at Microsoft who break free to set up their own company. But really it’s about relationships and people in a world rapidly turning into the digital age. The internet is just beginning, and the Silicone Valley billionaires are just on the horizon. It’s a world I grew up in and was familiar but not with philosophical discussions mixed with US pop-culture.

I picked the book up on a whim many moons ago, attracted by the odd blocky yellow cover and square shape. I’ve read it so many times the entire cover fell off. Whilst I loved it, I prefer a book with a cover on so went about finding a new one. But, and here’s the weird thing, I wanted any new copy to match my last one. With the help of eBay I was lucky to find a barely used version for just a few pounds.

Photo of Microserfs by Douglas Coupland

All I have to do now is read it again to break it in.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Comfort Book?

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  1. I once ironed, repaired and placed in bigger binder/plastic protective pages the favorite cookbook my mom had used since the 1950’s – – – there is something to be said for holding onto favorites! 🙂


      1. Yes, but worth it – I did that project in 2005 or so – she likes that she can open the rings, pull out the plastic protected page she wants, and if it get’s flour or what have you on it, clean-up of the page is a breeze – 🙂 Was definitely worth it!

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