Are you a Digital Hoarder?

When I was younger, I was a bit of a hoarder. In my tiny bedroom, I kept a number of collections, from the usual (stamps, boxes, dolls) to the slightly weirder (sugar cubes from our family holidays). Everything was organised but there was still a lot of it and not all of it was really... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block? Move it!

Should you be struggling with your writing Work In Progress, there's one simple way you can shift your writer's block. Move. I don't mean up sticks and move your entire household, nor do I mean doing a funky dance at your desk (although exercising can help). I mean physically moving yourself and your writing to... Continue Reading →

How to Find Time to Write at Work

Day-to-day many of us 'non-professional' writers have to make time around other commitments to work on our 'little darlings'. A full time job is just one of these commitments, but it can actually provide you some writing time without family interruptions etc to get your write on. To be specific - your break, be it... Continue Reading →

Reading Out Loud

  Reading your writing aloud is well known as an essential part of the editing process. But what about reading other people's writing out loud? You may not have done it since you were a child, but I think that reading other people's work can help you write better. You get to know what works... Continue Reading →

How to write*

Is it too ambitious for a blog post to cover the entire subject of writing? Yes, yes it is which is why this post is actually about writing how-to books. Specifically these two: Now I've read a few guides about writing as I'm sure you have too, but I only actually own two. If you... Continue Reading →

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