The One Page You Need On Your Blog

There are a lot of blogs out there vying for attention. So how do you quickly let people know why your blog is the one for them? With content that a lot of people overlook – your “About” page.

Your posts are not enough

“Wait a minute,” I hear you say, “what about my posts? I spend ages on my posts, my posts are bloody awesome! If people read them they’ll see what my blog is all about.” Well yes, and ultimately you hope people will. But they may not have time to read much when skimming through thousands of posts, trying to find blogs that are right for them. This is where your “About” page comes in.

Why your “About” page is important

Imagine browsing the shelves in a bookshop. You can’t read all the books there and then, but you can scan the back-of-the-book blurb to see what all these bright and shiny tomes are all about. It’s the same idea with your “About” page. It lets visitors get an idea of your blog (and potentially you as well) in a succinct and personal fashion. You don’t need to wack down your entire life story, but a few details and even a photo add a human dimension to your blog. It shows that this isn’t written by a robot or marketing team. This is a real person, with real ideas and you should totally get into them!

Even WordPress knows the power of the “About” page

A lot of WordPress templates have an “About” page included, complete with generic text as to its purpose. Which is another reason not to leave this page in its original state. It immediately sets alarm bells ringing and gives the impression that you haven’t put much thought into your blog. Or worse, that the blog is purely for spamming or scamming.

You can have an “About” page and keep the mystery

Some bloggers want to keep things anonymous. That’s fine. But you can still have an “About” page. Just leave out the personal stuff and keep it in the style of the rest of your blog. All you need to put in is an idea of what you post about. And if you really don’t want one at all, just remember to delete that generic page!

What are your thoughts about “About” pages? Do you have one on your blog? Let me know in the comments?

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  3. I can’t argue about the need for an About page, but one feature I look for when I first visit a blog is a list of recent posts. It’s a nice shortcut to getting an impression of the blog’s content and style. Of course, it depends on the theme.

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