3 Simple Tips to Get Visitors to your Blog (And Keep Them There)

A successful blog needs visitors, and a lot of advice will tell you that fresh, frequent posting is the only way to get them. But this year I had the most visits and visitors to my blog since I started in 2013 – and published half the number of posts I did back then. How? Well, there are three things I think have helped boost my traffic to my blog; consistency, sharing, and interlinking.

1. Consistency

I firmly believe a schedule is the key to writing success (especially with a day job). Mine includes time for writing a new blog post once a week. WordPress lets you schedule posts, so I try and line up a few in advance. This makes it easier if I need to take a break for any reason. The ‘Insights’ feature on WordPress lets you identify the most popular time for people to read your posts. I actually share two blogs a week, but I only write one – which is where the next tip comes in.

2. Sharing

As you grow your social media channels, you’ll have more of an audience who won’t have seen your older blog posts. So it’s always good to regularly re-share them. Choose posts that are evergreen, or update them so they are. This way they’ll always appear fresh. I use an app called Buffer to share a multitude of items to my social media feeds, including older blog posts. It’s free to queue up ten posts at a time, which for my small enterprise is fine.
Wordpress ‘Insights’ shows you your most popular posts, so you can get an idea of what’s worth re-sharing. By doing this once a week, I have two blog posts going out but I only need to write one.

3. Interlinking

This is so simple but so effective. At the end of each blog post, I add links to other similar posts. You can also add links in the body of your posts. By adding links, readers can easily access more of your content and so stay on your blog longer.

Voila! That’s three things that have helped me to get more people on my blog.

Do you have any blogging tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. It’s tricky. You could start with once a month or every two weeks and see how it goes. I schedule time in to write posts and use the scheduler on WP to try and get ahead of the game.


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